Resgate/Sauvetage Open Art House

Radio Palace opens to the public with a collective exhibition of Portuguese and French ( artists, whose works are an allegory to the building’s emergence, a secular palace previously the Radio and who’s now reborn as a rehabilitation project to a condominium of luxury residences.

In a crucial moment of generalized restoration of Lisbon patrimony and the awakening of new emotions, the (re)discovery and valorization of the Portuguese capital by national and foreign citizens, this exhibition gives a new life to a Portuguese open house and challenges also those who visit it to new emotional encounters.

Installation art, painting, sculpture, ceramics, design, decoration art, video and tapestry are exhibited in two dozens of areas, inside a house at one of the most emblematic residential districts in Lisbon.

A collective art exhibition signed by Bela Silva & Hugo Luz, Bruno Bastos, Ding Dong, Carolina Duarte, Eulalie Juster, Inès & Lison De Laborde, Jessica Burrinha, Mariana Sousa, Miguel A. Rodrigues (Sapiens Atelier), Pauline Guerrier, Sarah Valente and Sofia Arez, also with Frank Gehry’s participation signing a collection of tapestry shown at Radio Palace since 31th of March.

Before being transformed into luxury residences, Radio Palace can be visited from April, 20th until May, 30th 2017

Works in this exhibition

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