La Fuite - Exposição

Miguel Rodrigues’ sculptures, original, explosive and luminous, was once again on display in Lisbon with a new series of works that the artist called “LA FUITE ”, in an allegory to an escape route to the illusion.

Inspired by the equally explosive time when Baroque aesthetics prevailed, framed in the Galveias Palace, a magnificent 17th century Portuguese noble family home. Miguel Rodrigues once again amazes by the uniqueness of his work.

“The Baroque arches that used to celebrate the dreams and hopes of a community. Now golden celebrate the desire to play, to celebrate the moment and the freedom of the obvious. The Arches that create a way of escape to this party, to the references that comfort us, instantly recognized. An escape into a hyperbaroque reality.”

Galveias Palace and library
De 11 a 19 de Maio 2018

Works on this exhibition
 La Fuite