Je Suis Ton Fils

Made for: Braga Cathedral
Size:1200 x 300 x 320 mm
PetG Painted
Barga, 2017
Photo by: CCphotography


About  High Choir of Baraga Cathedral

The construction of the current Cathedral of Braga (Catedral de Braga) started during the episcopate of D. Pedro (Bishop of Braga between 1070 and 1093), who conceived a pilgrimage project similar to the Santiago de Compostela one and to some French pilgrimage churches, with three aisles, protruding transept, bedside and ambulatory.

The main façade was substantially changed in the XV and XVIII centuries, belonging to the fist of this moment the Galilee. The cathedral’s interior maintains an old medieval character.

The high choir was added near the entrance in the Baroque period. It is beautifully decorated, with a painted ceiling and sculptured gilt wood (talha dourada) choir stalls executed in a Neogothic style around 1737 by Miguel Francisco da Silva.

In front of the high choir are two huge 18th-century gilded organs, carved by renowned sculptor Marceliano de Araújo in the 1730s, heavily decorated with baroque and fantastic motifs. These are among the most impressive gilt wood works in Portugal.