At: Necessidades Palace - MNE
Dimensões: 600 x 1050 x 500 mm
PetG Painted
Lisboa, 2018


About Necessidades Palace and Convent

The Palácio das Necessidades is an former palace and convent of the XVIII century, designed by an Italian architect and built by D. João V. This rose-colored palace is located in the parish of Estrela, in Lisbon, and currently surves the Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was built five years before the earthquake of 1755 and was the only royal residence that remained unaffected.

Despite having escaped the earthquake of 1755, the Palácio das Necessidades was unable to escape unscathed by the bombardment from the Tagus, which occurred in October 1910, the date of the Establishment of the Republic. This bombardment caused him damage inside and outside. After the proclamation of the Republic, it was uninhabited until 1950, when it began to be occupied by the Ministry of Foreign Business to the present day.