Bando II

Made for: Janes
1760  x 730  x 820 mm
PetG Painted
Sapiens Exhibition - Braga (2015)



Sculpture made for Janes store in Braga during the exhibition "Sapiens Exhibition - if the Baroque Party was today." This golden and exuberant sculpture occupied the storefront of this shop during the elapsed time of the exhibition.

The Bandos

The baroque festivities celebrate several events associated with the royal family, the nobility and the clergy. Births, weddings, nominations, among other life events were celebrated.

In this festivity, all the members of society participated. After the news were spread to the city representatives, the “street cry” was followed, that announced it to the inhabitants of the city. They would put luminárias (wax torches, small bowls and lanterns) on the house windows for 3 days and nights. Other ways of announcing the festivities were the ring of church bells and the bandos. The bandos were a group of men on horses or/and on foot, travelling long distances, with hats and flamboyant clothes, playing instruments like the clarion, fifes and drums. Their march had 2 functions: invite the population to participate in the festivities, and at the same time, to form a procession that due to its beauty, initiated the celebrations.

(Joaquim J.B.F. Alves, 1988 – Historian)